Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sketchbook Highlights Part 2

As promised here is another chunk 0f sketchbook highlights. In this post I've gone through and provided a little more context in the written component.
This was conceived when I was on vacation in Argentina with my wife, the very super-duper, Clare Brown. We kept seeing all these little beat up euro cars everywhere. There was something so innately humorous about them. I immediately started taking photos of them, giggling the whole time like an overly excited Oil exec just before a gas hike. I don't how or why, but this thought of just hairy arms, teeth and eyes, the only things visible from one of those sweet little cars popped into my brain like a bolt of lightning: WEREWOLF ROAD-TRIP! This eventually will become an etching.
This is going to be a woodcut, it's going to rule, and it's going to make me laugh. Very much inspired by the Mastodon song/video of the same name.

Preliminary drawing for the "Coqs" woodcut. Cussing for no good reason.

Drawing from the edge of the park in Mendoza, Argentina.

In Palermo, Buenos Aries, Argentina, the is a restaurant called Don Julio. We had the best friggin' steak of our trip (and maybe my life) there. Above their bar they stacked tons of wine bottles and kegs, signed by recent customers. It looked like fun to draw so I did the super quick sketch on the left hand page, not wanting to make a lovely night out a studio session. I've since been filling in the shading here and there for fun. Beside that is the profile of a witch. I drew that waiting for a plane from our recent trip to NYC. Clare had just mentioned how excited she was for the new Game of Thrones season to begin. I was excited too.

This is also going to be a future etching. I've since made it a touch more sophisticated.

These two explain themselves, talk about reflexive.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sketchbook Highlights, Part1

Oi, here is a bunch of tasty pages from my sketchbook. Hopefully, this will become a reoccurring theme for posts. Disclaimer: the images you are about to see are extreme in their stupidity and rendered by a troubled person. Please approach my immaturity with love and understanding, merci.