Monday, March 19, 2012

Luxy Farm Logo

Here are some logos I designed for my brother Jonathan and his lovely wife Daizy for their organic farm and CSA in St. Albert Ontario. The top two posted here are the ones we all like the most, however there are some good ideas in all of them. Special thanks to Nik Dudukovic for all the help and patience with my poor-ass photoshop skills. I will be featuring more of his work on the blog soon regarding the killer print production he has been working on at the Wallace studio.
Check him out here
And of course the coolest farmers ever

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Etching!

Oi, here's some new work from my the studio. This piece is called Down by the Bay. Soon to be printed in an edition of 20, this is the first of a continuing series that I am currently working on. It's about deep seeded psychological torment, the contemporary gaze, and how hard I like to laugh. More of these plus new woodcuts in the works. Yeah! Hugs & Kisses, High Fives & Personal Celebratory Dances,