Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winter's Went: Artings About

Looking at this blog, it seems that once or twice a calendar year I follow a pattern by which I don't post anything for sometime and then do a bulk purge showing the work I've done over some months. I then spend some time writing a disclaimer about how I don't post enough or yammer off on some bizarre allusion or hyperbolic rant. Well, guess what Jiminy Kricket? This post won't be much different. So here goes;
Frig, I haven't written anything on this stupid wiener blog for like "evs." (that's how cool people say forever, "BTWs") (that's how cool people write by the way) (this is a poor use of parentheses) So I'm like, suuuuper sorry and stuff. Okay?!
Many an exciting thing has been about in my artings, some of which I can officially report on, others I cannot. In good time I will and then rainbows will spontaneously burst from all of your orifices. Enticing? I thought so. Here are some of the things I've been up to at the studio, I hope I've remembered the bulk of it.

 Here are some shots of press sheets I did for a run of business cards earlier this year
If you need an Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law Solicitor, look no further than Kate Henderson.  

Art making often requires the rocking of tunes. Diamond Head does a great job of inspiring and awakening the inner creative spirit. Namaste.

Mr Justin Labine is the heart and soul of Free North Press. Here he is making a whole lot of people proud.

First layer of a poster I designed for a workshop Justin and I taught at Articulations Art Store in the Junction. They have so many great things happening at this place all the time, check it out a-ight?!

Here it is, two layers, complete.

This is a commissioned graphite drawing I did for my old friend Wolfe Wright. I had fun drawing for the sake of drawing again. Thanks Wolfe.  

This is why I bother getting up every day.

Business Cards for Pipemaking Wunderkind Palmer Jarvis. Need a beautifully crafted, hand made pipe? email:

Here are some party invitations I did for my employers at 128 Vine Ave. The illustration is a carved hockey puck. Text is lead type, yummy!

More inspirational music. 

Someone`s getting started.

Here`s a sketch for a new woodcut. Hopefully, it will be completed in the next couple of months
More sketching. This one does not pertain to any series or larger idea yet. Things are bouncing around in the old bouncy castle I call my imagination right now. Know what I mean? Kids crying, wanting to get out, all dirty n stuff too.

A nice studio needs nice infrastructure. So I made a nice etching box and zip tied it to this cart. Take that Red Green!

Details of some new relief work

Here`s a sneak peak at my newest work. The final piece wont be printed with green. Just a day for a daydream, just a day for a day dreaming boy.

Recently Justin and I acquired a small but sturdy etching press. Here is a shot of me fixing it up at my work place, Discreet and Discrete.

And here it is all installed with a new press bed and stop bars to boot

This is the current layout of Free North Press

Recently, Artistic Juggernaut Alex McLeod approached me about printing some business cards for him. Here`s what resulted. If you haven't yet seen his artwork, I implore you to do so. It is fantastic. 

What`s that? Yeah, some of them have rad yellow backs. You`re welcome.

I did some experimenting on some of my own cards. Here I sandwiched in a piece of brown stock. 

These are the backs

These are the fronts

Get ready for lots of updates soon. Some really big exhibition news is pending and I`ll be divulging information about it in the coming weeks. Thanks for dropping by!