Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beach Eats And Such And Such

Friggin rights guys, I've been makin' some arts, okay?! Let's get to it!

Here's a watercolour I finished early this morning, it's called, "Hey guy, need some help with that?" or Several Things That Make Me Uncomfortable. It's a think piece about identity and sustainability in a post-modern flaneur based bourgeoisie. (that took me under a minute, oh snap)

Here is the etching I am currently procrastinating at. A feature on this piece to come, well I guess whenever.

Yeah, that's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight, something something.

Did a business card job, roughly a month ago for a great chap and talented graphic entrepreneur Stephen M White. Here's how he gets jiggy: http://www.stevemwhite.com/. After a brief email conversation he told me that Caslon was his favorite typeface, I told him it was mine too, I cried, then watched Beaches on VHS.



Press with studio. Tres belle, non?

Everything looking tight


Et voila

While cutting this job to size I realized the stacks I was making looked a lot like ice cream sandwiches. mmmmmmm

Trish Donnelly has made some of the most memorable/yummiest food I have ever eaten. Here's some custom illustration, graphic design and letterpress I did for her. If you need catering, look no further, for serious.

I was going to post some more pictures but Blogger insists on rotating some of my images 90 degress the wrong way despite them existing on my computer otherwise. Thanks for mostly doing a good job but slightly sucking, internet. Frig. Okay, talk soon, hugs and kisses.