Friday, September 13, 2013

Burgers, Battles, Bruins and Balloons

So once again everyone, we are super stoked here at the Näf-Brown residence for many reasons. First, as I have previously written, Clare's pregnancy is rolling along super smooth and we have recently purchased and received generously the essentials for our baby room. Also, Clare is rounding third and coming full term this weekend. So, as you may know, that means it's pretty much game on from here on in. There are a couple of photos at the bottom of the blog of the baby's room which Clare and I also now share as an office/drawing/crafting area. 

Now to the arts; as I have also mentioned before, my current series of etchings is slowly but surely being completed. This newest piece, and also the only 12 x 18 piece in the series, is titled "Battle Royale" (Thanks for the title to my sis, Daizy Lux) In this work, as with most in this series, I wanted it to be like a kid's drawing in concept yet more sophisticated in it's technical execution. From such a  platform I can load the image with humour and the excess pent up emotions that burst at the seams of my existence and tear at my soul like a Rod Stewart album played backwards at twice the speed. Also, it's fun and while creating such work you can make broad, sweeping generalizations about "society" and the world....even though frankly for the most part, nobody really gives one or even two flying frigs as to what you think or attempt to express, so whatever, make me sandwich. 

Here I try to make the following statement: conflict and violence can be as absurd and juvenile as a fortress built on a bacon cheeseburger shaped mountain being fought over by armies of gnarly spiked and horned medieval-ish soldiers. So obviously you'll need a couple of fighter jets in there for extra umph. (Zazz or Gusto are also acceptable, obscure descriptive terms) Also, check the references in the print to my main man, Peter Brueghel Sr, the master of absurdities. (* his work The Tower of Babel and Dulle Griet)  

Featured as well in this post are some pictures of drawings for a letterpress project myself and art buddy Justin Labine will be undertaking soon. They are pencil crayon drawings for the prints which will feature great goaltenders throughout the history of the NHL. If Justin had a website, I'd link to it here, instead you can google search him or attempt to friend him on facebook. He's been posting a lot of his beautiful drawings there and thus has been kicking ass and taking names, so look out.


Battle Royale: the full piece

a detail that is so METAL (thank you Manowar)

Kenny Loggins is in one of those





in case you forgot

I took this photo because I wanted to show the pencil crayons I used. These were my Dad's and are from Switzerland crica the 1950's. Raaaaaad.

The Great Gerry Cheevers

Here's where I draw

Here's where I write this crazy sh*t

Quick, get a baby in here!

Clare made this beautiful mobile. Soooo cute!


Okay, thanks for dropping by, now go take on the world.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beach Eats And Such And Such

Friggin rights guys, I've been makin' some arts, okay?! Let's get to it!

Here's a watercolour I finished early this morning, it's called, "Hey guy, need some help with that?" or Several Things That Make Me Uncomfortable. It's a think piece about identity and sustainability in a post-modern flaneur based bourgeoisie. (that took me under a minute, oh snap)

Here is the etching I am currently procrastinating at. A feature on this piece to come, well I guess whenever.

Yeah, that's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight, something something.

Did a business card job, roughly a month ago for a great chap and talented graphic entrepreneur Stephen M White. Here's how he gets jiggy: After a brief email conversation he told me that Caslon was his favorite typeface, I told him it was mine too, I cried, then watched Beaches on VHS.



Press with studio. Tres belle, non?

Everything looking tight


Et voila

While cutting this job to size I realized the stacks I was making looked a lot like ice cream sandwiches. mmmmmmm

Trish Donnelly has made some of the most memorable/yummiest food I have ever eaten. Here's some custom illustration, graphic design and letterpress I did for her. If you need catering, look no further, for serious.

I was going to post some more pictures but Blogger insists on rotating some of my images 90 degress the wrong way despite them existing on my computer otherwise. Thanks for mostly doing a good job but slightly sucking, internet. Frig. Okay, talk soon, hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monster Mama Jama Post Part 2: The Cat Master and such and such

Okay, so, if you've been keeping up with me and this blog you'll know I've totally been like etching and stuff., totally. Well, I have trudging along with this series of images and I'll have you know that I've finished another one. May I present to you... Die Katze Meister! (The Cat Master)

 First stage:line work

 This guy keeps hanging around the studio and I always ask him to leave. 

Here's the hot mess I made after the first go of etches. Soften up a lot of stuff as you will see..

 Last round of work