Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goalies, Sock Puppets and Other Oddities

Oh so much to discuss and so little time. I have been printing and working on this sh*t like a regular ol' fashioned banshee this past week. (I don't really know if that makes sense) AAAAnyways, the two corresponding pictures directly beneath this paragraph are from the last edition of etchings I did at the shop. It is titled "Upper Canada Sock Puppet Society" and is an intense, academic examination into the quality/quantity of our desires manifest in a post colonial world which seeks to objectify our identity and notions of the self in a commodified mass culture with a myriad of complex power roles found therein and a dis-topian world view which further distorts the gaze of the everyday and the "flaneur,"...or something like that. The photos which follow document my recent woodcut. Printed in four layers, it is titled "From Sea to Shining Goalie" It's about how much I enjoy my place of residence, and getting dinged by pucks. 

This is Chris Levesque, he partied with me as I worked and took half of these photos. He's quite the artist himself  and is shown here hard at work.

work surface

1st block

Oh hey there! I was prepping my ink bed, how are you?!

back to business: ink 1st block 

place paper according to registration marks

down go the felts

and roll it though!



2nd block/layer

ink up some more

Oh hey there, hi again!


2 layers complete

3rd layer ink set-up

prepped up!

3rd block/layer

mild stroke

inked block


Last layer

Rounding Third (or fourth in this case, I guess)

Boo YA! Tout fini. Super fatigue maintenant however, side by heach, tabar-wet!