Sunday, January 5, 2014

T'is n' T'was

2014 is officially here and as 2013 came and went, the comings and goings of my art practice has had it's own ebb and flow. Even as I write this our baby girl Maelle, now three months old, stirs in her crib.  Needless to say things have been hectic here and the art has taken a temporary hiatus. I am happy to announce, however, that in mid December I was informed that I will be receiving an "Emerging Artist" Toronto Arts Council Grant in 2014. My proposal to the council was to finish the last four images of the etching series I have been working on for the last three years and edition said work. So, with a big hearty thanks I'm looking forward to completing the work and hopefully showing it sometime in the summer or fall; that is if it gets done on time. My fingers are crossed.

Here in this blog post, are two pieces I completed since my last post. One is simple watercolour study for one of the remaining etchings. I whipped it up today in an effort to get things up and running again and also to get me back into the flow of making do blogings postings. The other is a woodcut I finished while Maelle was still in her first couple of weeks with us. Back then she was still in blob form and only needed me to change her butt. Since I wasn't working, I had the time to carve.

I hope 2014 brings to you a great deal of joy and fulfillment, and so much joy that you're then fulfilled in a truly joyous and fulfilled manner of joyous fulfillment.
Cheers and Jeers,
-Giddle Haus Unlimited

This guy's given'er so hard. I think he's gonna make it!

Carving and etching

This piece is titled "Oh the Follies Beneath!" 
It's about all kinds of things, most of which I dare not utter in these lands.