Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Business in The Moonlight

 So 2013 has been rolling right along. Here in this post you will see a variety of business cards done with handset type. Also I recently finished an etching entitled "Werewolf Roadtrip." I'll be editioning it soon and will be showing more of that in the next post. Hope you're well, hope you're you. Thanks to all my lovely and talented friends who let me post images of their businesses cards.

The sans serif font you see here, well, I don't know what it is. It's 12pt and I love it very much. The font with serifs you see is 10pt Caslon, classic.  They look great together and thus when my friends come up to me and go "Hey man, can you make me some business cards?" "Yeah," I say "Yeah I can" Tyler Hilton is an amazing painter/printmaker. Check him out, you won't regret it.

John Lee is a photographic rock star and an awe inspiring goaltender. Check out his work at if you know what's good for you. Maybe you don't know what's good for you. In that case you should be told, go look at his f%#kin' pictures.

Erin Rutherford is a curator/archivist extraordinaire. Unfortunately, she will be moving away from Toronto real soon and will be missed tons. She helps me look at my art and understand it more gooder.  Notice the frame silhouette up above the text? Yeah, I carved that out of lino, you're welcome.

Meaghan Hyckie is a visual artist with fantastic skills. She works in the same building as yours truly and is a delight to hang with on a semi regular basis. If you feel like getting your mind blown check out her website at, if you don't, go to this website anyways. 12pt Helvetica, yup.

Designed by Adam Zinzan these business cards came out beauty. Helvetica and Caslon together, mmmmm.  P.S. If you need personal shopping or wardrobe styling Harris & Cohen is the way to go.
Check out Adam's graphic designings at

Here are some pics I took proofing this etching I finished on Monday. As previously stated, it's titled Werewolf Road Trip and is the fourth piece of a 10 part conceptually deficient series I am working on. I haven't named the series yet, but I was hoping it to be a twenty letter German word that doesn't exist/make any sense. I still don't know if that's a good idea or not. Stay tuned for breaking news.....



right on bud

Werewolves. Driving. Hilarious. 

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