Sunday, August 7, 2011

Been a while, eh?

So....I haven't updated this piece in while. Needless to say, a sh*t ton has happened both personally and professionally since I last considered myself a legitimate "blogger." After a recent purchase at Black's, I bought a new camera with the intent of slightly shifting my art practice and give it a much needed boost on the web. The following photographs are just a few things I had available at home to document. More from the last year to come soon. Hopefully I actually stick to regularly updating this thing now, pray for me.

Masonite cut, work in progress......

Did someone say business cards? Well heck, now I got some.

Translated into English the Latin text reads: Mostly Powerful and Exemplary. My darling wife Clare is the confused Valkyrie.

Masonite cut proofed out at Free North Press on Wallace, now in the very capable hands of Michael Uytenbogaart for a collaboration piece, finished product to come soon!


  1. From one blogger to another : I love your posts! They're inspiring. You are very talented Gid, and always have been. Keep blogging! More people read than you think.