Thursday, August 18, 2011

Etching: Process & Production

Let's go through the stages of altering and printing a copper plate etching, shall we?

Here are the stages the print has already gone through.


Cover areas you do not want etch with hard ground, exposed area will later be burnt by an acid solution

Normally the aquatint process is done by dusting rosin onto a plate and then adhering the particles to the plate with heat. I am using spray paint because I am a schmuck. The distribution of paint particles on the plate will help create tone. The time a plate sits in the acid solution is also a factor.
Place the dried plate in the acid bath, I use Edinburgh etch. This is a mixture of Ferric Chloride and Citric Acid. Notice I am using safety approved gloves.

Rinse Plate thoroughly

Wipe Plate clean with Solvent

Ink the plate!

Wipe the plate! (first with tarleton, a cheesecloth-like material)

Then gently with newsprint

Buff the edges

Place plate on press bed

Get yer paper! This was soaked for 30mins and then placed in a stack with two dry pieces of cotton linter on either side & placed in plastic for a couple of hours before use.

Dampened paper is then placed on press bed accordingly

Blankets then cover plate and paper

Roll'er through the press!

Holla! We have ourselves a print!

final product

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