Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Off to the Party"

AAAAAAlright, we're going full steam this week leading up to the outdoor exhibition; July 6, 7 & 8. If you don't have plans and are in the Toronto area, you have to come. City Hall! ART! I'll be at booth 114 in the white section just off of Bay Street. Come and high five me, I may even do some popping and locking if you show up. Anyways, here is an etching I editioned the other day. It's titled "Off to the Party" and is the narrative prequel to the etching I completed earlier this year called "Back from the Party." It features Amelia Earhart and the mythical creature Sasquatch exiting a magical forest on their way to a gathering. Where is this Party? What kind of gathering is it? Who in the heck will be attending? Only few can say...Well, this is how I printed it. 

set up





good to go

buff les edges

place on press

get moist paper. (soaked the day before for 20+ minutes, drained of water and then placed between 2 blotting papers and then placed into a plastic bag between two pieces of wood overnight with weight put onto that) Run-On sentences are a drag. Dear The English Language, I'm sorry.

place paper

roll through


et voila!

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